How to Measure a Gasket

Knowing how to measure your gaskets may seem like a straight-forward process, but it is very important to be precise to get the perfect fit and seal. Here is the proper way to measure your gaskets:

  • Outside to Outside – measure your gasket from the furthest most outer edge to the furthest most outer edge width and height of the gasket. DO NOT MEASURE THE DOOR.
  • The Cooler manufacture is the most common method to determine the gasket you need to replace your failed gasket. If you are unable to determine the manufacture you will need to match the dart (watch video) to determine which gasket you need to properly replace your failed gasket.
  • If your Gasket is not present or badly torn each door has an insert which accepts the dart of the gasket (watch video) the second best measurement if you can’t measure the gasket outer edge is to measure the outer edge width and height of the insert usually grey in color.

Glass Display Cases

Anthony, Ardco, DisplayRite, or CDS manufactures most of the refrigerated display case glass doors. If you are having difficulty identifying the profile (or shape) of your gasket, you are not alone. You will need to follow the measuring guidelines above. The one other dimension you will need is the width of the dart.

Gasket Installation

Install a new gasket by inserting all four corners first, use your fingers to push it in place. A rubber mallet might be needed when dart has narrowed over time. Work all edges to the middle until all four sides are secure into the dart.

When installing, screw-on the gaskets and leave all the screw loose, but keep it in place until the new gaskets have been properly aligned with the door.